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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

How can be honest - great story of honesty

daily news of honesty an ideal honest person


daily news of honesty

While Sarada was training, a polite sister wrote in a picture of the training period allowance money. What bribe money !! 

I was very angry but I asked politely. What does your father do? He replied by doing a job in the land office. I said oh. That is why he has recognized the bribe. 

He got angry and gave the block a gift. But the police are not angry. In this country, the price of one screen is one lakh rupees, the price of one tin is 1.5 lakh +. 

The clinic that sells corpses in this country, the clinic owner who took money will call the police bribe takers. But what he takes is the bill. God made the price of 1 egg 1000, God who ate% of the diagnostic center with thousands of useless tests, the police will say bribe taker. 

His child is less if he can make his father an angel. The uncle's child who ate the dam's money will study abroad and say. The police of this country !! Dishonest dishonest The son of the most talked about rice thief of that time will say I am the member, the son of the chairman. 

Police! Damn bribe taker. The banker who ate% to get the loan will say, police !! My father is a bribe taker. The nation's mirror journalists make day and night night in exchange for money. The rating of his newspaper will not increase if he does not write some slander of the police. 
But what is the source of his income What does the man in black dress say with bail on behalf of the rapist and murderer !! Beware of the police. 

Children of adulterated goods, hoarding, usury, or land robbers will be called police bribe takers But who does 24 hours duty for 360/450/650 rupees per day! Who gave his life to save you many times !! Who is leaving the family and patrolling the streets for your safe sleep !!

 If you have an accident on the road, who will take you to the hospital and save you with blood? It would be bad to hear the answer !! However, listen carefully, he is "Bangladesh Police". They have no union, they can't move, they don't have human bonds. They endure. 

In this epidemic, when you quarantine your family safely at home, the police leave the family and stay on the streets. The police take responsibility when you are very honest and leave your parents. When you leave your body, the police bury it. After deducting his salary, he deposited it in the government treasury. 

The police delivered food to the epidemic at their own expense. What exactly did you do at this juncture !! Ask, Mete was in the theft. You provide a service in a sector and set up a theft hall. 

A policeman provides thousands of services in a sector. His could be a little wrong. Yes, some people also commit crimes, so there is nothing to raise eyebrows when the police say so. Respect the police, they deserve it many times. 

Many times he has proved it with his fresh blood. Yes I am the best. Of course ask yourself what is your responsibility? What are you doing !! How honest you are. Some are honest in the absence of opportunity, some are honest in the opportunity. Learn to evaluate. This society will change.

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