bangla news paper story of poverty in Eid-al-adha - Bengali newspapers all bangla news paper bd News TV
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

bangla news paper story of poverty in Eid-al-adha

Eid-al-adha and haram of islam

bangla news paper story

Eid-al-adha and haram of islam

Waiting till noon, Kusum's mother said to Kusum's father, I cut the onion and pepper, no one sent the meat! Didn't the neighbors forget about us? Would you like to go a little further? Kusum's father: You know I have never touched anyone Allah Ta'ala will definitely make some arrangements. 

After noon he could not get out without insistence. First he went to the big man's house. Said, big sir! I am your neighbor. Would you like some meat? Asking for meat, the big man's face turned red with anger. He said contemptuously, "I don't know where he came from to ask for meat" and closed the door. 

Tears came to Kusum's father's eyes in humiliation. Walking on heavy legs, he went to Mr. Mian's house, knocked on the door and politely asked for some meat. Mr. Mian looked annoyed when he heard about the meat and quickly closed the door with a few pieces of meat in polythene. Kusum's father came back home thinking that the little girl could be given an understanding. 

When he returned home, he found only two bones and fat. He went to the room quietly and started crying. In the meantime, little Kusum hugged his father and said, father! No meat. I don't eat gosht, my stomach hurts. Hearing this, the father could not hold back his tears. At that time, Akram Bhai, a vegetable seller, called from outside. Kusum's father is at home? As soon as Kusum's father opened the door, Akram's brother took a bag of three or four kilograms of meat in his hand and said that he had brought his younger brother from the village. 

Is it possible to eat so much meat alone, he said? You will eat it. Kusum's father wiped his wet eyes with joy and gratitude. He started praying for Akram from his heart. The storm started as soon as everyone cooked the meat and ate it for fun. The electricity also went off. The whole day went by, even on the second day there was no electricity and the transmitter was on fire due to the storm. Kusum's father went out for a walk with Kusum on the third day. 

The parents saw, Mr. Bara and Mr. Mian are throwing a lot of pots full of meat in the dustbin. All the meat in the fridge was ruined due to lack of electricity. Kusum saw a group of dogs attacking the rotten meat and said, "Dad, what are they?" Sacrificed to feed the dogs? Mian Sahib and Haji Sahib from the side heard the little girl and bowed their heads in shame. Yes, this is the reality of most people in our society. Let us not be like Mr. 

Mian and the big gentlemen. Not by standing in line but (if possible) delivering the meat of the sacrifice to the houses of the needy. Hoping to get a good exchange from Allah Ta'ala. May Allah Ta'ala accept all our good deeds. Forgive us our mistakes - Amin.

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